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New Collections - Jul 16, 2014

New Collections

The NEW Cordoba, Glacier & Gerrit Collections are now in stock and ready for delivery...

After a much awaited shipment, our NEW Cordoba & Glacier Collections and enhanced Gerrit Collection are now IN STOCK and ready for delivery.

CORDOBA : Dark, sensual and luxurious, Cordoba is made using a superior wenge stained wood veneer and offers a wide range of designs, including chairs, tables and storage solutions for modern living, dining and sleeping.

GLACIER : Graphic lines and modulating layers give Glacier its cutting edge, yet unobtrusive, appeal through its striking handle designs. Architectural qualities allow light and shade to play gracefully off the contrasting surface textures of gloss white lacquer and matt oak veneer. The range began as a series of paper models, playing with cuts and folds to create a series of simple modulated surfaces which played with the concept of shadow as the surfaces move forward and back. Placing a handle where these modulating surfaces meet, became both the functional and decorative signature for the Glacier range.

GERRIT : With Gerrit, bold angular planes of glass, walnut and steel are cleverly structured to create an eye catching mix of designer tables and mirrors. This popular range of furniture has been refined and extended with new pieces including a writing desk and landscape mirror and with the additon of a new chic, matt white lacquer finish.  

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