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  1. Top Ways to Style A Contemporary Dining Room

    Top Ways to Style A Contemporary Dining Room

    It's that magical time of year when we all get together and enjoy all the fun of the season. If you are hosting guests, it's time to prepare your home. Give your dining room an upgrade for the big day so that you can entertain in style.


    When it comes to hosting dinner parties or enjoying a festive meal, the dining room is the main focus of any event. Read on if you are wondering how to arrange dining room furniture, style a contemporary dining room, or want elegant festive dining ideas. These design tips will help you create a magical festive atmosphere, and with timeless pieces, you can also enjoy our contemporary dining room ideas for the rest of the year.

    Modern Dining Room Ideas

    Styling a contemporary dining room allows you to create an elegant dining space ideal for any special occasion.
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  2. Passionate about Design? Gillmore Factory Direct


    At Gillmore Space, we are passionate about innovation in furniture design, and our collections pay homage to the very latest in British and international furniture trends. We believe beautiful pieces and bespoke furniture designs should be available to everyone. We provide a service you expect from an independent family business with an international reach. Affordability of design and refined manufacturing processes have allowed us to elevate the design aesthetics in homes and businesses across the UK and around the world. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing high-end furniture design at affordable prices, we launched our factory direct service.

    Gillmore Factory Direct Furniture

    To assist our volume-orientated buyers, we developed our offering to include furniture wholesale and direct from factory furniture services. The Gillmore Space factory direct programme offers substantial cost savings by shipping
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  3. Interior Design Trends - Mixing Materials

    British designer furniture

    Creating a beautifully put-together space may feel daunting. We have interior design ideas to help you style your home perfectly. We have you covered whether you are drawn to particular interior design materials or looking for home styling tips. Let’s take an in-depth look at one of the top interior design trends of 2022, so you can put your own spin on mixing materials for a stylish home.

    Mixing Materials in Your Interior Design

    If you are mixing brass, metal, marble, glass, or a combination of these, the quality of materials is vital. Choosing a beautiful furniture piece for your contemporary home will elevate the look of the whole space. One of the key elements of this trend is craftsmanship, so any item you choose must have a refined attention to detail and be manufactured to the highest level. It may cost a little more but think of this as an investment. One you can enjoy and use while also creating the luxury home style you have always wanted.

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