Bronze is the New Brass - Interior Design Trends


Bronze is the new Brass

One of the most anticipated interior design trends of 2023 is the use of bronze. Furniture with metallic accents and mixed material pieces is always a go-to when it comes to creating luxury interiors. That has led to brass, chrome, and copper becoming staples in designer furniture, and now it's time for bronze to take the spotlight.

When it comes to home decor trends, you will often see gold, bronze, brass, and copper used due to their superb warm lustre. These metals and accent colours are popular in many items, including accessories and furniture. Bronze has been gaining in popularity recently, and with a beautiful reddish tint and luxury aesthetic, it's not hard to see why.


Bronze vs. Brass

As bronze and brass are considered warm tones, you may wonder about their differences. When choosing bronze home accessories, you will see that the finish is generally reddish-brown, whereas brass tends to have a yellow tone.

The warmer colour of bronze is one of the reasons it has become prominent in mixed material furniture. The hue of the metal works perfectly when mixed with wood, glass, or marble. An elegant side table or shelving unit becomes something else altogether by adding a draw fascia or frame in bronze.

Can Brass and Bronze Be Used Together?


One thing that never goes out of style is choosing metals to mix up the textures in an interior design. As bronze and brass are warm tones, you can use them together to create a cohesive finish. When it comes to using bronze and brass in the same space, start small. Choose the metal elements in the room carefully. A coffee table with a bronze frame adds just the right touch, and you can add some brass embellishments to the soft furnishing or accessories grouped on the table.

Think of adding metallics to a space, like choosing jewellery. Keep it simple and elegant to complement the furniture and other items in the room. Large furniture pieces with metal accents, such as a media unit with metal doors, add a subtle touch of glamour without overdoing it.

Creative Ways to Add Bronze to Your Interior Design

If you want to find the best ways to use bronze in your home interior design, we have put together some ideas for you. It is best to pick an element of a room, such as the mirrors and fixtures, and use bronze for these. Alternatively, go for large furniture, such as dining tables or dressing tables, that feature some bronze elements in the design. Some other ways to incorporate bronze in your home include


Lighting - an easy way to add a bronze highlight to a room, and the material looks particularly elegant when used in pendant lights or up lights.

Shelves - mixed material shelves with bronze frames and wood or glass shelves add a great touch to a living room or dining space. It adds an industrial yet warm look to storage and works with many design styles.


Side tables - bronze is perfect as a frame for many furniture items. It looks superb when incorporated into side tables; you can also find coffee tables or hallway tables with bronze fascias or other elements.


Accessories - bronze home accessories are a quick and straightforward method of adding warm bronze tones to a room. Group items on side tables and buffets, or add a single bronze mirror to a dressing table.

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