Federico Polished Extending Dining Table by Gillmore British Design

Top Ways to Style A Contemporary Dining Room

It's that magical time of year when we all get together and enjoy all the fun of the season. If you are hosting guests, it's time to prepare your home. Give your dining room an upgrade for the big day so that you can entertain in style.


When it comes to hosting dinner parties or enjoying a festive meal, the dining room is the main focus of any event. Read on if you are wondering how to arrange dining room furniture, style a contemporary dining room, or want elegant festive dining ideas. These design tips will help you create a magical festive atmosphere, and with timeless pieces, you can also enjoy our contemporary dining room ideas for the rest of the year.

Modern Dining Room Ideas

Styling a contemporary dining room allows you to create an elegant dining space ideal for any special occasion. Functional, modern pieces look stunning, but the high-quality finish will also enable you to use them for everyday family meals.

The jewel of any eating area is the dining table. A contemporary dining table with the right chairs and dining room storage will create a beautifully cohesive dining room design. The finish and shape of the tabletop can add a touch of drama; popular choices include:

White Marble Square Dining Tables

A white marble top dining table is an elegant choice, and the beautiful finish will draw everyone to their seat. White complements many colour schemes, and you can contrast the sleek table with comfortable upholstered dining chairs or metal dining chairs. Choose chairs in a bright hue or classic grey to finish the look. white-marble-square-dining-table-and-chair

Round Glass Dining Tables

Glass-topped dining tables are a staple in modern dining design. Encourage conversation and connection with an intimate dining setting. Round dining tables are perfect for small dining rooms. You can use stacking dining chairs with these small tables and tuck everything away when not in use. glass-table-with-gold-chair

Rectangular Wooden Dining Tables

A popular choice for modern dining is a rectangular dining table. The ample space on top makes these perfect for family meals. Beautifully stained oak veneer creates a warm and inviting feeling. Extendable Dining Tables like these are perfect for making a large dining area for special occasions. You can mix materials for your chairs, opting for metal seating or upholstered chairs. wood-extending-dining-table

How to Arrange Dining Room Furniture

Creating a focal point where everyone will naturally gather is essential. It may be your dining table, but it doesn't have to be. Large dining rooms can include cosy seating areas for chatting before the meal.

You can explore different dining room arrangements. The classic design of simply placing the table in the middle of the space may work, but there are other options. If you have a small room, you can set the table in a corner for a more intimate setting and place lounge chairs and a bar cabinet to create different zones. white-sideboard A dining room buffet or console tables are excellent additions if you have more space. It gives you a discreet place to keep cutlery and other items within easy reach. Elegant dining room storage allows you more serving space or a spot for extra lighting.

Creating the perfect dining room is all about style and functionality. Choosing a few key pieces of chic dining room furniture without overcrowding the room is vital. With the right mix of practicality and timeless design, you can make your dining room the perfect spot for entertaining.