At Gillmore Space, we are passionate about innovation in furniture design, and our collections pay homage to the very latest in British and international furniture trends. We believe beautiful pieces and bespoke furniture designs should be available to everyone. We provide a service you expect from an independent family business with an international reach.

Affordability of design and refined manufacturing processes have allowed us to elevate the design aesthetics in homes and businesses across the UK and around the world. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing high-end furniture design at affordable prices, we launched our factory direct service.

Gillmore Factory Direct Furniture

To assist our volume-orientated buyers, we developed our offering to include furniture wholesale and direct from factory furniture services. The Gillmore Space factory direct programme offers substantial cost savings by shipping orders directly from the production facility to your warehouse, business space, or project site. Container direct furniture is ideal for many industries and offers excellent savings on designer furniture. As a leading trade supplier to the UK interior industry, our factory direct service has been utilised in many ways including:

• White label furniture retail

• Build to Rent Housing (BTR)

• Furniture for interior designers

• Drop shipping directly to consumers through retail platforms

• Furniture for hotels, restaurants and other commercial properties

• Furniture for landlords

• Showhome furniture

Working with business partners across many sectors, we can build a factory direct service model that delivers on-trend furniture at discounted prices. If you require designer furniture for showhomes, rental property furniture, or international furniture shipping, we can help.

Bespoke Furniture Design

Mixed material furniture, vintage-inspired pieces, and luxury furniture designs are available through our factory direct programme. Gillmore Space Factory Direct Furniture offers are available on Gillmore catalogue products, Gillmore adapted designs or fully bespoke designs.

You will find the latest interior design trends in our designer furniture ranges; however, a bespoke furniture design service is also available. We will work with you to bring your bespoke furniture design ideas to life and deliver them directly to your business. The service is ideal if you are looking for the best furniture for interior designers or unique items for furniture for trade.

The unique flexibility in order quantities and payment terms, coupled with our rigorous quality assurance on every item, assures you that your factory-direct furniture is of the highest quality.

International Furniture Shipping

We understand the challenges of sourcing fine quality furniture for international shipping, it was part of the inspiration for creating our factory direct furniture service. We provide professional buyers peace of mind in the challenging world of international sourcing.

We have close ties with our manufacturing partners in China and have established an office there to oversee quality control. Due to our dedication to quality and service, we have delivered bespoke furniture designs and catalogue products across the globe. Gillmore Space furniture has been shipped to the USA, Australia, India, and Japan. Our furniture for landlords is used to furnish property across the world.

Our extensive experience with international furniture shipping services and requirements means we can provide you with a seamless and hassle-free service. Our furniture trade services provide our partners in the UK and worldwide with the highest quality bespoke designer furniture delivered reliably and efficiently.

If you are looking for wholesale furniture or furniture direct from the factory for your business, we are ready to help. For bespoke furniture designs and international furniture shipping services, contact us today.