sofa in living room

The living room in your home is the space where you unwind, relax, and spend time with your family, friends, and guests. This time is incredibly important, and your living room design can have a significant impact on your mood, emotions, and wellbeing while in this space. An outdated appearance can have you feeling low and can send a negative message to guests or professional colleagues. A refreshed and modern living room design is uplifting, inspirational, and an absolute joy to spend time in.

So, it isn’t surprising that you are about to venture on a living room design update and refresh. But, where do you start? To help, we present several living room design tips and simple living room designs focusing on the three cornerstones of your space; tables, chairs, and storage.

Simple Living Room Interior Design Ideas

First, let’s embrace the basics. Creating a good yet simple living room interior design is all about achieving a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. A well-designed living room should reflect your personal style while also catering to the needs and activities of your household. To create a captivating and inviting living room space, you should:

  • Define your style: Begin by determining your preferred interior design style; modern, traditional, minimalist, or eclectic. A clear vision will help guide your decisions regarding furniture, colours, textures, and accessories.
  • Select your furniture: Select furniture that not only fits your style but also suits the scale and size of your living room. Consider the proportions of the room, the flow of traffic, and whether it is adjoined to another space, such as a dining room or kitchen. Invest in comfortable seating options and focus on creating conversation areas that foster interaction and relaxation.
  • Set a colour scheme: Select a colour scheme that creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Neutral tones provide a versatile backdrop, while pops of colour can add personality and visual interest. 
  • Add texture and textiles: Add depth and richness to your living room by incorporating a variety of textures and textiles. Use plush rugs, soft throws, and accent pillows to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Mix different materials like wood, metal, glass, and fabric to add visual interest and dimension.

Take your time to select the right pieces, experiment with different arrangements, and make adjustments as needed. Ultimately, aim to create a space that not only looks appealing but also feels comfortable and functional for you and your family to enjoy.

Living Room Tables

Living room tables will help you unleash the true potential of your living room. You can choose from a remarkable array of tables, with versatile marvels to help you effortlessly showcase your cherished decorative items. You could set the design theme with an ensemble of end tables or a coffee table, side table, lamp table, or console table. 

Two living room tables to consider include: