The charm of vintage furniture has long captivated interior design enthusiasts worldwide. However, traditional can mean something other than old-fashioned. Modern innovation brings a fresh perspective to these timeless aesthetics, forming a unique intersection between the past and the future. Here, we delve into the contemporary twist on vintage furniture trends; we give ideas on styling, showcasing some of our iconic collections that encapsulate the vintage mid-century modern furniture style.

Styling Modern Vintage Furniture Trends

As a top interior design trend, vintage furniture presented in a modern way will work in many areas of your home. Here are some ways to style it:

Balance: Mix vintage and modern pieces to create a balanced aesthetic. Too many vintage elements can make your space feel dated, while too many modern pieces may seem impersonal.

Colours: Opt for a modern colour palette and inject vintage vibes with furniture pieces or vice versa. Neutral tones with pops of bold mid-century colours like mustard, teal, or burnt orange can work well.

Patterns: Consider using geometric or abstract patterns in your decor, characteristic of the mid-century modern style. Throw pillows, rugs, or wall art can all carry these designs.

Materials: Blend the use of materials. Brass, bronze, foxed glass, and other vintage materials can be combined with modern ones like clear glass, stainless steel, and sleek wood finishes.

Layers: Layer your space with vintage and modern lighting, textiles, and accessories to add depth and visual interest.

Modern Mid-Century Furniture A Nostalgic Rendition

Many of our furniture designs are heavily influenced by mid-century modern furniture styles. You will find many pieces that will help you add a modern look to your home using vintage furniture trends.

The Iris collection embodies this philosophy perfectly. There's an undeniable vintage feel, thanks to the antiqued glass tops known as 'foxed' glass. However, this range isn't stuck in the past. Its modern, minimalistic design helps maintain a contemporary edge, forming a beautiful blend of the old and new. You can style the items in this collection to further accentuate its old-world charm.


Choose Classic Accent Pieces

Our Adriana bookshelf/desk carries a similar ethos, blending the past with the present. Accented with vintage objects, this piece of furniture effortlessly integrates into the modern workspace or home while maintaining its classic allure.


The incorporation of brass and bronze adds a significant vintage vibe. These timeless metals are not confined to the past but shine brightly in modern interior design. Our new bronze finish across the Adriana tables collection exemplifies this beautifully, combining a traditional aesthetic with a contemporary twist.

Plant and lamp stands from our collection also resonate with this theme. Our Kensal tables, for instance, incorporate vintage materials, providing an exquisite platform for a stylish light or lush plant. These products highlight how everyday items can capture a vintage feel while still fitting into a modern setting.


Mid-Century Modern Furniture with a Retro Vibe

Swan tables are the epitome of retro chic. These are heavily influenced by mid-century modern design, and these tables are no exception. Their retro vibe creates a harmony between old-school charm and contemporary aesthetics.


Classic Feel Meets Modern Design

Our Finn products, especially the family of tables, are an excellent example of this balance. Their brass frames exude a classic feel, while their sleek design keeps them firmly in the modern era. These tables exemplify how furniture can embody an entire design philosophy.


Show-Stopping Grandeur

Finally, our magnificent Federico four-poster bed with a canopy is a real show-stopper. A product style with undeniable antique credentials, this bed is the perfect example of how to imbue modern furniture with vintage charm. It's a testament to the enduring appeal of the past, reimagined for the 21st-century home.


Modern twists on vintage furniture trends allow for an exciting blend of styles, embracing both the old and the new. This fusion ensures that your home or office is not just a space but a carefully curated expression of timeless elegance and contemporary design.